Cuisinart DGB-900BC

Cuisinart DGB-900BCI bought my Cuisinart grind & brew after my 6 month old Krups G & B stopped working in June. So far, 2 + months later, My Cuisinart is still working great. The coffee maker is excellent quality; very well made. I haven’t had any problems with the grinder plugging up nor coffee growing cold in the thermal container. Nice to have 12 cup capacity again too. This coffee maker has a mild, medium, & strong setting. If you like real strong coffee, its easily had at the strong setting. If you want espresso strength, set the maker to 12 cups and add 10 to 11 cups water, and set the dial to strong. I like a good strong cup of coffee, and setting my coffee maker at 10 cups, adding 12 cups of water, with the setting at Medium is plenty strong for me. So far this coffee pot has out performed any other coffee maker I’ve owned for regular coffee.

Edited on 11/4/10 to add more praise. I think it fair to further my review after having had this coffee maker for well over a year. The test of time is the best indicator for true quality. This Grind & Brew maker is still going strong. Not one mishap in the construction or resultant great brew I receive on a daily basis. And yes, those daily uses might consist of 4 or more pots brewed in the course of a day depending on how many guests I have visiting, holiday time, or just when we want a little more caffeine. I can not speak highly enough for the quality of coffee and the durability in workmanship of this particular Grind & Brew. Yes, you should clean out the grinder spaces periodically, maybe once every two months; run the coffee maker cleaner & replace your filter periodically to preserve the good taste of your coffee [I do this once every 4 to 6 months]; and swipe the sides of your coffee maker with a good stainless steel wipe to show case the classy SS finish. I don’t know what good coffee maker doesn’t require a little logical care. I had the older Cuisinart brand of Grind & Brew, this model is much easier to care for. The older Cuisinart G&B lasted me well over 4 years and I should have learned from that experience. Ever on a quest for good coffee from my coffee maker and impressioned by reviews, when my old Cuisinart died I bought my Krups G&B which lasted 6 months. I went through a few cheaper models in less time than 6 months before I decided to spring for the newer Cuisinart G&B. A friend bought a highly recommended supposedly “elite” the other brand C* G&B coffee maker at $300 when it first came out. All parts outside are plastic, seemingly very flimsy, and he bought his at the same time I bought this model of Cuisinart G&B. He’s had to ship his machine back 2 times in the past year at his own expense. They replaced some parts, while he was out dollars for shipping, and he spent some dollars for a cheap replacement coffee maker both times his was being fixed. I’ve learned my lesson, and will stick with Cuisinart. I’m more than satisfied, can you tell?

Cuisinart DGB-900BCEdited again on 1/4/11 more than two years of a great working machine. Some of the complaints I have read on the amazon reviews for this product concern backing up of ground brews. Like any machine if we want our products to last, we need to put in some caring maintenance. I don’t look at this as a chore because I still have to say I love this coffee maker and the quality of the coffee maker is outstanding, let alone I get an excellent brew. So yes I descale periodically, change the filter, and let the coffee maker air out on occasion. Honestly, I’ve had several coffee makers. This Cuisinart makes just as good, if not better cup of coffee as the more costly & name brand touts. Flat basket not withstanding. I found there are ways to prevent your coffee grinds from jamming up in the burr grinder which in turn prevents the grinds from entering the basket, with the resultant weak colored water effect. When pouring water into the tank with the thermal container, its too easy for some of the water to spill around the edge of the bean holder. The moisture can seep underneath the bean filler, where the burr grinder is located and cause the grinds to pack up and not release into the basket. I bought a pitcher with a good spout to pour my water into the tank making sure none of the water splashes around the edge of the bean filler. Or, very carefully pour the water from the thermal container when the pitcher is indisposed. Also, once every 6 weeks or so I turn the knob to release the bean filler off the coffee maker, and lift up the trap door to clean out the burr grinder with a brush. Then just let every thing air out for a while. I haven’t had ground coffee jamming up since I started doing the above. A little work? Yep. But well worth it to maintain a good cup of coffee and the longevity of the coffee maker itself.

Product Features

  • 24-hour fully programmable coffeemaker with 12-cup capacity
  • Double-wall insulated thermal carafe; built-in automatic burr grinder
  • Strength selector and grind control fine-tune intensity and volume
  • 8-ounce bean hopper; auto shutoff; water filter; brew-pause function
  • Measures 10-2/3 by 8-4/9 by 16-1/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Cuisinart DGB-900BC